Ludgershall Castle visit from Marlborough St Mary’s Primary School- 2nd of February 2023

White castle drew on black paper with white crayon & using white paint stamps to create the “bricks”. Blue flag shaped stickers are seen at the top of the castle and yellow stickers adorn the white paint stamps. The message at the bottom of the picture on a white piece of paper reads “To Mr White and Mrs Walker, Thank you for your hard work, your big welcome and lovely talk. From Fox and Badger class”

On the 2nd of February 2023, two of our councillors led a visit to Ludgershall Castle which was well attended by pupils & teachers from Marlborough St Mary’s Primary School. Cllr Owen White & Cllr Julie Walker were well received by the pupils and teachers, they received the above picture of a castle that was hand drawn by the two classes and the below email from their teacher:

Dear Cllr White and Cllr Walker,

I am writing to thank you for welcoming Marlborough St. Mary’s Primary School, Year 2, to Ludgershall Castle. Our topic was Castles and the trip was a real adventure. It was lovely to meet you at the gates and introduce you to the children before we walked around the site.

Our pupils loved walking around the outside, along the top of the ridge. Looking down into the moat and across to the castle gave them first hand experience of the scale of the site. Thank you both for your informative talk which really brought alive the day to day workings of the castle and its immediate surroundings. They thoroughly enjoyed being able to sit down amongst the ruins for their drink and snack where people would have been sitting c.900years before. The children still remember swans and ale being on the castle menu!

We much appreciated the castle images and the information booklets you gave us, which will also help us to plan for future visits.  All our staff were impressed at the well-kept site and what a local gem it is.

Please accept our gratitude.

What a lovely thing to receive, the councillors and the council were pleased they all had a wonderful & insightful day.