Burials & Cremations

Burials & Cremations

Ludgershall Town Cemetery Information

Our aim is to ensure that the cemetery is a special and respectful area in memory of the loved ones laid ot rest there; a peaceful, safe, and dignified place for all to visit. We are sure that you will appreciate that cemetery rules and regulations concerning memorials are in place to ensure the cemetery remains this way.

If you need any further help or information, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Please note that our normal office hours are Monday-Friday, 9.30am-2.30pm. If we are out of the office during your call, please leave your name and contact number and trust that we will return your call as soon as possible.

View the full Cemetery Information brochure here.

The following items are not permitted

  • Vases and flowerpots that are not incorporated into the actual base stone.
  • Objects made of ceramic, glass or other fragile materials.
  • Lights, lanterns, candle, incense burners, items of a hanging nature, stand-up ornaments, windmills and windchimes.
  • Fencing, netting, artificial turf and curbing around graves. This prevents ground maintenance contractors from carrying out necessary maintenance.
  • Food and drinks. These attract pests and certain containers can be easily broken.
  • No items must extend beyond the plot boundary.

Any items not complying with these regulations will be removed without warning.

The following items are temporarily permitted

  • Artificial flowers must be kept in the vase incorporated into the base stone.
  • Stone angels and hearts, decorated pebbles and seashells must be placed on the base stone to prevent risk of breakage.
  • Soft toys, cards and flags must be removed after 1 month and must be placed on the base stone.
  • We recommend leaving plastic covering on cards to prevent weather damage.
  • Christmas decorations (ensuring no items are glass or ceramic as these are easily broken) are permitted but must be removed no later than 25th January.
  • The one month rule also applied to decorations for any other holidays and birthdays.

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